Helm3 Charts for Sonatype Products

AWS Single-Instance Resilient Nexus Repository Manager Chart

These charts will deploy a Nexus Repository Manager instance to an AWS EKS cluster.

The current release has been tested on AWS EKS running Kubernetes version 1.21

Single-Instance Nexus Repository Manager OSS/Pro Kubernetes Chart

These charts are designed to work out of the box with minikube using both Ingress and Ingress DNS addons.

The current releases have been tested on minikube v1.25.1 running Kubernetes v1.23.1.

Add the Sonatype Repo to Your Helm

helm repo add sonatype https://sonatype.github.io/helm3-charts/

Install a Server

Get the Values for Configuring a Chart

Capture that output as your own values.yaml file, and provide it to the helm install command with the -f option.


Visit https://github.com/sonatype/helm3-charts.